Blue Cube Security unites with Next Generation Security and Epaton as a new group creating a powerhouse within the Cyber Security, Cloud, Infrastructure, and Digital transformation marketplace.

Welcome to Blue Cube Security

Blue Cube Security is one of the UK’s largest independent Information and Cyber Security solution providers. Leading with a consultative approach, Blue Cube Security has been providing expertise and agile services to its customers for over 20 years. Operating from a UK head office working nationally.

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Cloud based services across the public sector

We offer security related services available on the Digital Marketplace directory providing options for Cloud hosting, software and support.

We are here to help you

We are offering a free consultation and a number of our vendors are offering free licenses and trials.

Professional and Managed Services

Blue Cube Security provides high quality accredited security services. It is essential that organisations protect their network and assets adequately and when the correct IT security infrastructure is in place, an organisation will flourish, seeing business growth and value-added benefits. Blue Cube Security enables organisations to gain this important business advantage, reducing risk and mitigating vulnerabilities and threats through sound practices, applied security technology and a continuous improvement framework. The Cynergy team are accredited IT professionals who will design, develop, implement, manage and support solutions that meet your business requirements.

Moving to the Cloud?

Blue Cube Security work with leading cloud partners and are fully accredited and qualified to help organisations move to the cloud or already working in the cloud. The team will work closely with organisations to help stop you stalling, guiding you through the journey and keeping you safe and secure.

Why Blue Cube Security?

Over 20 years of experience in Information Security and Cyber Security

Customer focussed consultative approach
Highly accredited professional services team with certifications in major governance and compliance frameworks

Highly skilled and knowledgeable team

Wide portfolio of technology solution partners
Professional and managed security services provider and 24×7 customer support
UK head office

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