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Transform your workforce into the strongest first line of defence and protect against Cyber Threats.

Why you might need this service

Cyber risks are not going to be solved by focusing on technology alone. This could not be more poignant as much of today’s workforce are remote working; the human side of the equation matters. Add Cyber Educate to your portfolio, to improve cyber security behaviours, attitudes and get the data you need to measure and report on impact.

Research suggests as many as 90% of all successful cyber attacks involve some form of human error. However, traditional security awareness training often doesn’t impact behaviour.

Key Benefits

Reduce the risk of an attack to your organisation, by improving staff education

Links with your SIEM for real time event driven training

Insightful risk and compliance reporting 

Scalable to your organisation 

GCHQ accredited 

When properly armed with the right knowledge and education on cyber threats, your workforce can effectively prevent attacks that technological defences alone aren’t able to.

Most cyber security professionals don’t have risk and compliance reporting around their workforce. The intelligent online platform goes beyond simple awareness training and has the ability to not only launch phishing and smishing campaigns but to be reactive to user behaviours in real time when linked with your SIEM, offering incident based tailored training and reminders of your organisations policies.

With a variety of training titles to choose from, knowledge assessments and course completion certificates, a more educated workforce will improve your security posture and provide another layer of defence to protect your organisation




Key Benefits

Make your staff the first line of defence

Reduce the risk of an attack to your organisation, by improving staff education

Large training library
Comprehensive reporting

Rapid deployment

Easy to use and browser accessible 

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